Monday, 11 February 2013

Heavy Duty Line Vacs

Have you ever had a customer who had a rather difficult conveying application where the material was very abrasive?  What about an appication where the conveying distance was more than 10 meters?

Check out the Line Vac Video Here.

The Heavy Duty Line Vac was developed to meet these two rather demanding situations. They are made of an abrasion resistance treated, tool steel. They also boast a higher vacuum level than the aluminum and stainless models which enables them to be more powerful at conveying materials from one point to another.

Some applications where the Heavy Duty Line Vac has made a significant impact in productivity include: cleaning up blasting media from a sand blasting cabinet, sucking metal slugs away from a die punching application, moving molding sand up from a barrel to a hopper above a sand molding table for a foundry operation and conveying fiber glass to a fiberglass molding operation.

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